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How the Waiting List Works

Begin Your Application by Reading the Following

North Carolina’s Department of Health and Human Services contracts with Whetstone Consultations to provide the required 2.5 -day HIV Counseling, Testing and Referral Training.  This skill-building training is designed to help organizations in North Carolina to counsel and test a wide-range of people for HIV in a variety of settings using a variety of technologies.


Whetstone Consultations is required to give certain agencies priority placement. The target audience for this training are people doing or planning to do HIV counseling and testing such as state health department staff, local health department staff or agencies funded by the Communicable Disease Branch for such services.  Persons doing HIV counseling at other venues or providing other services such as HIV case management are admitted as space allows.  This training is NOT or those who simply need HIV contact hours for certification.

Next, read how our waiting list works.

  • Every training has its own independent waiting list. Waiting lists are processed  7-10 days prior to the date of the training.

  • Because each waiting list is independent of the others, the fact that the applicant was accepted for her/his second choice does not mean s/he is accepted for her/his first choice.

  • Example A:  An applicant on the waiting list has indicated a first choice of a training date in February and second choice of a training date in March. There is no space available in February but s/he remains on the waiting list for March, so there is still an opportunity to be placed in her/his second choice training.

  • Example B: An applicant on the waiting list has indicated a first choice of a training date in March and second choice of a training date in February. There is space available in February and s/he is confirmed for that training. S/he turns down that opportunity hoping to be placed in her/his first choice, which occurs a month later. There is no space when the waiting list for March is processed so s/he has missed the opportunity to attend the training.

Now you're ready to proceed with your application.  

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