2021 Training Dates

* Due to Covid-19, all of the 2020 trainings will be offered on-line.  New training dates are added throughout the year.  Check back if you don't find a date that works for you.  

Coming Soon

Before completing your application, select both your first and second choice of training date and location.  Please review “How the Waiting Lists Work” (below) before making your first and second choice of training date/location. 

This training is funded by the State of North Carolina. Participants must cover their own travel expenses.


​Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have had to make some modifications as to how this training takes place.  Two on-line trainings are scheduled for May and June.  There will also be in-person trainings still on the calendar, although these are subject to be changed to on-line experiences as well.  Once you register, we will be in touch about the details.   Regardless of how the training takes places, students must be present and actively participate in the entire training to receive their certificates of attendance. 

how the waiting list works

  • Every training has its own independent waiting list. Waiting lists are processed about 7-10 days prior to the date of the training.

  • Because each waiting list is independent of the others, the fact that the applicant was accepted for her/his second choice does not mean s/he is accepted for her/his first choice.

  • Example A:  An applicant on the waiting list has indicated a first choice of a training date in February and second choice of a training date in March. There is no space available in February but s/he remains on the waiting list for March, so there is still an opportunity to be placed in her/his second choice training.

  • Example B: An applicant on the waiting list has indicated a first choice of a training date in March and second choice of a training date in February. There is space available in February and s/he is confirmed for that training. S/he turns down that opportunity hoping to be placed in her/his first choice, which occurs a month later. There is no space when the waiting list for March is processed so s/he has missed the opportunity to attend the training.

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