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We need connection, now more than ever.  We need to feel we are a part of something bigger than ourselves, feel the power that happens when people come together to achieve something amazing.  These needs have always been her but since this pandemic, these needs are even greater.


For many, our work has gone 100% on-line.  This is the new normal.  Even when this pandemic is over, many predict online work is here to stay.  Trainings, meetings, strategic planning, etc will be happening while staring at a computer screen.  So we better do everything we can to make this new platform work.

I'm here to tell you this can be done!  With properly choreographed meetings and professional facilitation, groups can stay engaged, continue the work of their organization and even increase engagement.

Are your having deeply connective, generative, online conversations that lead to empowered problem solving? 

If not, you're missing out.  It's time to purposefully connect your people

digitally to bring out the best in the individuals and the collective. 

"Give me  6 hours to chop down a tree,

 I would  4 hours sharpening the axe." 


I Help Organizations, Conferences, Retreats, Masterminds, etc  
  • Generate conversations between members/attendees that lead to deep connection

  • Infuse content (learning) with conversation to accelerate learning

  • Move from a passive to active style of sharing information

  • Shift from 'sage on the stage' insight sharing to crowdsourcing wisdom

  • Create an environment of belonging and continuous building of communal capital

  • Solve business problems by moving from problem to possibility thinking

  • Build a culture of belonging and innovation

  • Create shared purpose / vision / values and bring their vision to life

  • Strategically convene their clients to create learning communities            

Image by You X Ventures

By . . .


  • Designing an agenda aligned with desired outcomes

  • Being your strategic partner up to and throughout the event

  • Facilitating the event(s) and managing back-end tech on Zoom

  • Measuring outcomes and sharing back wisdom / crowdsourced results with the group

  • Designing an agenda / program aligned with desired outcomes

  • Engaging the team in designing the event to ensure alignment with culture and strategy

  • ​Facilitating the online event(s) and managing the back-end tech on Zoom

  • Measuring effectiveness and supporting with implementation of the ideas surface

Let us help you transform your

next meeting or training to an

online success.

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