Other Whetstone Services

  • Are your experienced staff members burning out?
  • Are new staff members losing their enthusiasm to serve clients?
  • Are clients/patients less satisfied with the quality of services?

Work with clients in health and human services agencies is rewarding, and demanding and draining. Balancing agency needs and clients’ needs often threatens the “rewarding” side of the balance.

The complex lives of clients and the limited resources to serve them can be overwhelming and frustrating. Whetstone’s staff will work with you to develop programs that re-energize staff and help them to serve clients with compassion, skill and renewed dedication.

As experienced staff starts to wonder about their initial commitment to “help others” Whetstone can also help management discover ways to reduce the negative impact of the “bureaucracy” on client service staff and clients themselves. Of course that makes the life of management more satisfying as well.

We specialize in customizing a program that meets your specific needs. The programs we’ve offered in the past are just a sample of what we can do for you.

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